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I had to realise that writing monthly or weekly or fortnightly is going to be just that – disorderly. I’m one for though and externally processing my feelings and understanding the world through writing and various other outwardly expressive ways, hence my extrovertedness. I’m growingly excepting that from time to time I’ll be leaving a piece of my mind, heart and thoughts for the wide world and all it’s wonderful people to read. And I just have to learn to be okay with that.

I have wrestled with myself with what is deemed as acceptable and right to talk about and I’m just so tired of quenching the deep ponderings I have on a frequent bases. I have also learned through feedback and supportive words, that publishing my thoughts and ponderings is helpful to others too. This brings me joy. It reminds me that first of all I’m not writing to myself but that others are being blessed by what I have to say… and are talking about these viewpoints that I bring up. So I am here and this is my blog as a result – a mini platform, I suppose, or just another outlet space.


You didn’t just stumble across my blog by accident. I’m pretty sure certain words you glanced over intrigued you and got you thinking. That was the full intention. Of course we writers know how to grab a reader and wheel them in seductively, but I’m afraid I can’t take that credit for myself. I believe that the Lord God Almighty through His Holy Spirit has gifted me with the ability to express how I feel reasonably well on paper (or typing).

You reading this is just by the grace of God Himself. And I’m glad He uses me who is turbulent, diplomatic, sensitive, reserved, bubbly, good at the small talk and good at the deep talk to share with you certain areas pertaining to life which intrigue me and glorify God.

My hope is that this space continues to reveal truth and is a refreshing breath of honesty to you.


~ G

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