Home is where the heart is, they say. Home is the dwelling of a nuclear family or the alternative one. Home is belonging; peace, a humble abode.

What if where you are right now was not home? What if all you have ever known was a lie, a figment of your imagination, a web of dusty dreams?

A few days ago I walked along my usual pathway home and processed my surroundings differently. As the wind blew and the wind shook the leafless trees I had somewhat of an epiphany. The only thing true is God. And there it dawned on me that everything we see, touch, smell, taste, regardless of how tangible it may seem does not compare to how real God is.

Eternity is home

Thinking about this helps me to better understand the tug God has put in the heart of every human being. The gaping hole which longs for more. The vast deeps which can not be filled. Not at least by anything earthly anyway.

You see, in our hearts God has placed eternity. It’s what we truly yearn for if you really give that thought more than a few minutes. Eternity is home.

But one of my friends kindly reminded me of the hint of home. Sometimes we can feel at home in the presence of other believers. That quieted my soul for a moment because it made me remember that yes, God is in the believer, He lives among us through His Holy Spirit.

Home is found in companionship and love and conversation. Home is found in the sweetness of an act of kindness. Home is found in the eyes of those who share your same hearts cry, to be one with God in eternity and to enjoy Him forever.

Home is not always here. At least not for me.

Where is home for you?

~ G

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